Teacher's Information

Teacher Library Cards 

Teachers who do not live within any public library‚Äôs boundaries, in the past, have been unable to check out materials or easily access databases for their classroom. The library now offers teacher library cards. Teachers who work in a school that is within the Woodstock Public Library service area (D200 boundaries) could be eligible for the teacher card. Please see the attached information sheet (below) to learn how schools can participate in this program. 

Assignment Alert Form

Teachers, help us help your students! Tell us what assignments your students will be researching at the library. We will work to have the required materials available when they are needed. Please fill out the online Assignment Alert Form so that we can be better prepared to help your students with their assignment.

Class Visits

Whether you'd like to visit the library or have a librarian visit you, contact us to schedule a class visit!

We offer:

  • library tours
  • class storytimes
  • library catalog instruction
  • online research database instruction
  • booktalks

 Lexile Searching

Do you use Lexiles in your classroom? Check out WPL's Guide to Lexile-based Searches attached below! Feel free to distribute the guide to your students and their parents and guardians.

 Online Research Databases

The library offers a great selection of online research databases for you and your students to use. Most of the databases require a 14 digit WPL library card number (21567000...).

Check out our listing of Library Online Databases. Feel free to download and print guides for your classes!

Would you like a WPL librarian to visit your media center or classroom to give a "tour" of the library's online research databases? Contact us to discuss a possible class visit.

Illinois' Reader's Choice Book Awards

Do you use the Illinois book awards like the Monarch, Bluestem, Caudill, Abraham Lincoln? WPL owns multiple copies of these titles. Take a look at our Guides to these awards listed at the bottom of our Book Suggestions and Readers Resources page. Each title has a call number listed to that students and their families know exactly where to find them in the library.  Feel free to print these guides and use them in your classrooms, or send students here to pick up any of the titles.


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